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The Erasmus project, the one that we take part in and the purpose of this enterprise, consists in creating friendship links among the students of the different countries' schools using English as the main language to talk.

There are students that belong to 2nd, 3rd and 4th ESO, and each of the groups will travel to different countries during the project (2018-2020)


The ones that are now in 2nd ESO will travel to Germany. 

They are working really hard to gain the german sausages!!


3rd ESO will start their adventure in Lithuania.

It maybe be cold, but it really worths it! They want to freeze their noses there as soon as they can. 

Our students of 4th ESO are counting the days to go to Italy.

They will come back to Spain with lots of pizza in their stomachs.

All of them will have an unfergettable experience, learning  the other languages, how people of other countries live day by day, learning lots of new concepts and English.

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